All my best, Skip

I’ve emailed you back and forth over the past year or so still debating about the purchase of your Trak- It software. I thought I would be doing better using ACT for Real Estate since I’m now using Windows Vista. NOW I wish I had worked with you on getting the Trak-it software installed instead. ACT is fine, but it is not pinpoint enough for all aspects of real estate transactions. Multiple properties under one owner are not possible unless a separate contact is created for EACH property under the SAME name!

Anyway, thank you for the offer for the updated software, but as usual I’m a day late and a dollar short. Your software offers more control and tracking than ANY other computer resident software I have been able to find. I may not be able to take advantage of this offer, but I will sure let others know. We have new folks starting in our office regularly since we actually have the real estate licensing classes taught in our office. I’ll be sure to give them your website address to review the program. I’ve been in this business for four years, and I can’t find any major additional programs a new agent would need to buy to track transactions from beginning to end. I’m just sorry I missed the boat.

Thanks for having this software available and I appreciate you keeping up with the ever changing needs of real estate agents.

Yours truly, Brian Mayfield Manager Premier Realty Group

I can’t say enough terrific things about your software. It’s very easy to use once you get the hang of it and very easy to understand. It only took me about a week to master it and that was using it only part-time. My office controller loves the commission reports for payday. It’s very easy to set up and easier to change as the agents’ experience and commission levels increase. Your service, however, is exemplary. I must say that you have been an incredible help in setting us up and working with us as we grow. Your knowledge and experience with your product guarantees satisfaction. Easy-to-use forms and templates make this program simple to understand and very easy to teach. Showing instructions is simple for the office secretary as the phone rings for instructions on properties for sale. It’s very powerful and secure and I love it.

Thanks again for an incredible product that will grow as we do.

Derek Wood, California

Being a broker of a large real estate office with many transaction files to review and control, I can't begin to tell you how your system has reduced the paper workload and wasted time in managing our files.

Agents who use Classic Trak-It have reduced their stress level at the end of the transaction with the knowledge that they have a complete file to turn in for the broker review with no waiting for their commission check.

Wm Mark Cromer, Broker/Owner, H & I Realty

After trying Classic Trak-i' on several of my transactions, I needed to write you and let you know that I think you have a winner here. This program streamlines the tedious job of tracking a real-estate transaction from listing to close, letting you know what documents are signed and in the file at a glance. I found input to be very user-friendly and the program learning curve to be very short. I plan to continue to using Classic Trak-it.

You have a real winner! Carol Hopkins RE/MAX

I work with two real estate go-getters who sell a lot of property to investors and clients. I take care of the rentals for another agent. She is very impressed with what Classic Trak-It can do. There are several other realty teams here, and I just keep asking them to sit down and let me show them how much it can do. It is a very comprehensive program, and there is no doubt a great deal of thought and planning went into it. AND, IT IS THE MOST USER-FRIENDLY PROGRAM OUT THERE.